Rêve en vert

From February until July 2016 I was the Editorial Intern at Rêve En Vert. This meant that I was responsible for the Editorial Page of the website. Rêve En Vert is a sustainable luxury e-commerce platform (reve-en-vert.com). It was started out of the conviction that sustainable fashion can be luxurious and stylish. The website is, besides a place for people to buy beautiful sustainable and ethical clothing, an educational platform. 


Designer spotlight: BASE range

Basic Aesthetic for Sustainable Easywear, that's what BASE Range stands for. And that perfectly summarizes the brand's character. The lingerie and loungewear are made for every woman and produced in a sustainable and ethical way. 

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The benefits of organic beauty

Do we actually know what we put on our bodies and faces? Let me give you a hint: it is not good. Time to switch to organic beauty. 


Designer spotlight: svilu

SVILU is one of the brands sold on Rêve En Vert. This is the story behind the brand. 

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Our sustainable city guide to london

Traveling can be done in a sustainable way, even in busy London.


world environment day

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day, taking place on the fifth of June is Go Wild For Life, which focuses on making people aware of the world’s most endangered animals, especially the ones that are threatened by illegal wildlife trafficking.

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ethical gemstones

How ethical are ethical gemstones? 


Our tips to greener laundry, part 1

The fashion business is a dirty one. And even during the proces of cleaning your clothes, you participate in making the world even dirtier. Here are REV's tips on how to make your laundry less dirty. 

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Can leather be ethical?

Who does not have a leather accessory? Do you ever think about the road this material takes from animal to product? It is not a pretty one.. In this article we discuss what is wrong with the current leather industry and we wonder if it can be done better. 

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fashion revolution day

Fashion Revolution Day was founded right after the 2013 Rana Plaza Disaster. It is a day when people are encouraged to take a moment and think about the clothes they are wearing. Who made them and what was their human and environmental cost. At REV we do know who made our clothes. 


earth day

These are some (shocking) facts of what our environment has to deal with these days. 


Interview avec tata harper

Tata Harper is the founder of the beauty brand that carries the same name. We asked her about her business, organic beauty and sustainable lifestyle. 


bts avec ryan roche

Ryan Roche is one of the designers featured on Rêve En Vert. She creates the softest and most beautiful cashmere items. All in a very ethical and sustainable way. She says: "Real luxury is to feel truly good about every part of the clothes you are wearing.”


model mange tout

Danielle Copperman founded a quinoa-based superfood breakfast products company called Qnola, is a model and blogs about living a healthy lifestyle. We asked her about her company and busy but healthy lifestyle. 

photo: http://alchetron.com/Christopher-Raeburn-1027459-W

photo: http://alchetron.com/Christopher-Raeburn-1027459-W

christopher raeburn's new collection

Christopher Raeburn is a Danish London-based designer. He is best known for using old military materials and creating something new out of them. For him functionality would trump aesthetics, but thankfully he is perfectly able to make things that are both practical and beautiful. 


world water day

The waters on our planet are unfortunately not all crystal clear. World Water Day is meant to make people aware of different problems surrounding water, like water pollution and the lack of clean water for many people. The fashion industry plays a large role in the pollution of water. 


earth hour

Once a year a wave of darkness sweeps over the globe for a very bright cause: Earth Hour. 8:30 local time marks the moment that people are encouraged to turn off their electrical devices and take a moment to think over their electricity usage. A perfect hour to get out some candles and enjoy real-life friends (instead of 'social' digital ones).


plant a flower day - it's too cute!

A bouquet of flowers look so beautiful and innocent, but don't be fooled, it comes with a lot of waste, pollution and unfair labor. Here are some tips on how to do flowers better and more sustainable. Wouldn't that make your bunch of flowers so much prettier?